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Take control of your real life eating without all or nothing crash diets

You're seconds away from online group support, coaching videos, and flexible gameplans you need to lose weight sustainably! Build confidence and realistic focus with the Health Confidence Club for Adaptive Business Leaders

If you're not really sure how to lose weight, you've probably done one of these in the past year...

  • Started a plan, had some results, hit a plateau, then completely fell off
  • Felt defeated, like you're not matching your identity. You know that you can make changes; you just struggle to keep it consistent
  • Needed direction to identify which habits are hindering sustainable long-term fitness
  • Tried a few classes and supplements, but usually feel unprepared and anxious because you don't know where to start

there's nothing wrong with you!

These are the clients I love to work with- you're who I built this for. And they're (almost) all entrepreneurs, parents, and/or community leaders with busy schedules too!

 So now you're looking for ways to put self-care as a higher priority in your everyday life. It’s one of the first things you let slide when you're under pressure or have a lot of stress...

The thing is, you're making food and activity choices every day, even when you're not thinking about them.  You need a good platform so these choices help you stress less, feel great, and work better. Think about how amazing it would be if you could...

  • Lose weight without dumb rules that make you feel guilty about what you eat
  • Make confident food choices at home, in the grocery store, and when out to eat
  • Build consistency for sustainable change without taking time from things you love most

Thankfully, we have the solution...

Introducing the Health Confidence Club for Adaptive Business Leaders

Get the knowledge, skills, and people you need to let your health support your life, instead of seeing it as a chore that doesn't fit your lifestyle or schedule.

Online education, action plans, peers, and a coach create a compassionate environment to prioritize and enjoy your health while losing weight.

Benefits of Joining the Health Confidence Club

If you're tired of getting stuck with all or nothing diets or weight loss plans that don't fit your schedule, become an Adaptive Business Leader instead!

Build Confidence

Shift your mindset so you are fully empowered to lead the life you want

Take Action

Get the tools to make clear, consistent changes to reach your health and business goals

Group Support

Team up with like-minded business and community leaders

A Compassionate Coach

Get direct access to and support from the Guilt-free Weight Loss Coach

Be Prepared

Learn how to make healthy living and eating easy wherever you are (Can I live??)


If you're looking for confidence to navigate food in real life situations, this is the perfect nutrition education course for you!

Most of my new clients feel unprepared and get anxiety when it comes to starting to eat healthier. So I recorded an updated version of the New York Times Bestselling Full Plate Diet group support classes.

Almost 5 hours of engaging, on-demand videos, broken into sub-15-minute clips (that you can watch in 2x speed), all included! How much do you usually pay for weekly classes- $30 each? Click the tabs below to learn more:

  • Are you eating Enough to lose weight?

  • Can All Fiber-rich Foods Help You Lose Weight?

  • Meal Makeovers

  • More Than Just Food

  • Making The Most of Mornings

  • Smart Grocery Shopping

  • Dining out

  • Rev up Your weight loss

Are You Eating Enough to Lose Weight?

Session 1 covers:

Do diets work?

How The Full Plate Diet works

How natural, fiber-rich foods can help us fill our plates to lose weight

What are the natural, fiber-rich foods?

Hey, I'm Reggie. I'm Here and Ready when You Are!

Public health nutrition educator*

Certified personal trainer

Grad cert in PBS (habit change)

Masters in Medical Sciences

Bachelors in Nutrition

Worksite wellness manager


*not formally endorsed by any government agency

I started Fit for Freelance two years into my freelance medical education writing business, when I noticed my fellow online entrepreneurs were struggling with weight gain, back pain, stress, and burnout.

Their intense focus on their business combined with letting their health habits slide was actually harming their business AND their health.

With my experience, I know pure willpower or another "magic pill" doesn't get sustainable weight loss. It's about looking at your bigger vision, focusing on the right things, and creating an enjoyable practice to let your health support your life.

You need Confidence, Realistic Focus, and Accountability to reach and keep your health and business goals. I call it the Guilt-free Framework:

The Health Confidence Club is the support community and toolbox for clear, effective, sustainable action on your path to freedom and fitness!

In Addition to The 8 Full Plate Sessions, Members Get Full Access To: 

Support Calls

Two real-time group conference calls each month to share experiences and get your questions answered

Monthly Livestream Workshops

Let's take a look at a topic that'll boost your health and business goals!

Gameplans for Action

Flexible Food Gameplan,  Burnout Assessment Test, challenges, etc. Library updated monthly

Workout Programs

Get my favorite workout programs, with recommendations based on skill level, equipment, and experience

Private Member Support Group

Get to know others on the same journey. Make connections, get advice, and be inspired

Media Library

Get access to previous livestream workshops and relevant media recommendations

What Clients Say About Working With Fit for Freelance

"Really the things I needed to hear"

“You're a great motivator! I started making healthier choices [3 months ago] and I've lost around 25 pounds. But again just wanted to let you know how your advice about making better choices and your honesty in evaluating my commitment at the time were really the things I needed to hear."

Andrew R.
- Dentist

“Put myself in a position to keep my health top of mind.”

"Solopreneurship is a lonely life, and by personality type, I associate with very few... I want to put myself in a position to keep my health top of mind. That's why this was a no-brainer as soon as I read your post."

Sean K
- Entrepreneur

“You've helped me in more ways than I can count"

“I just wanted to tell you thank you. The amount of work you put into helping others is incredible. I hope you know you are making a difference. You've helped me in more ways than I can count this past few months. I appreciate you."

Laci H
- Casino Operator

Get Instant Access to the Health Confidence Club

MONTHLY Membership

Recurring payment, cancel anytime



per month

  • ~5 hours of on-demand nutrition education videos
  • (starting January) 2 monthly group support + Q&A calls
  • (starting January) Monthly livestream workshop
  • Full access to membership content and downloads
  • Direct access to a compassionate health coach
  • Cancel any time
  • 30 day guarantee

4 months membership Plus Free

Complete 30-day plant-based transformation plan 

BEST VALUE - Save $197 



then $37 per month starting in month 5 

  • Everything in membership PLUS
  • A perfect meat-optional way to know what foods to buy, how to cook them, and when to eat them so you always have healthy meals ready while you lose weight!
  • Take what you learn in the group to the next level with 30 days of dietitian-approved meal guides
  • 33-page Cookbook
  •  4+ weeks of printable grocery lists
  •  Success manual, worksheets, and checklists to stay on track
  • 7 day guarantee on transformation program
  • Cancel membership any time

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don't feel like you've received value and you decide you want to cancel your membership any time within the next 30 days, just let me know and I'll send you a prompt refund. No hassles, headaches, or hoops to jump through.

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