Things I Recommend Often

Here's a list of products and books I find myself recommending often. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases- meaning your price doesn't change, but I get some money back if you purchase from these links. Ask your health care provider if supplements are a good fit for your specific medical history. Enjoy!

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If you have a hard time prioritizing, staying organized, or connecting your daily habits to your weekly practice schedule or quarterly goals, the Panda Planner makes it easy. I was using this before I came up with the Guilt-free Gameplan, and I think you should get it with or without my coaching process!

Meal Prep

Want to eat healthy, but kinda hate cooking more than twice per week? You gotta get an Instant Pot aka Instapot! If you've been hearing about it for the last decade, but you still didn't get it yet, do yourself a favor. The 6-quart version feeds me (a bachelor who lives alone and eats a lot) for 3-4 days of dinners and lunches. If you have a family of 3 or 4, or live with a high-schooler, consider the 8 quart. 

If you get the Instapot, cook some healthy and delicious things in it! Good ol' home cookin- I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy every recipe in here.

This is the 2nd Instapot cookbook I bought. Between the two of them, you can't miss. This one is a little less "healthy," but the Guilt-free Gameplan is about balance. However, it's still much healthier than the drive through on the way home. These recipes have step-by-step pictures, but come out a little fancier than the other cookbook I recommended (in case you want to impress yourself).

The secret to fun, successful meal prep is a satisfying cutting experience. I'd bet that if you "don't really like cooking," you probably just have a dull knife. This one comes highly rated for its versatility, and I've had mine since Christmas 2019. If you don't know how to chop yet, consider a knife skills class at a place like Sur-la-table. Don't sleep on this. Take care of it with a honing rod like this one.

Smoothies and Supplements

If you calculated your macros and found that you need more protein, this is the one that I use to mix into smoothies. This, your favorite frozen fruit,  spinach, cashews, almond milk, (chia seeds optional),  and you've got an easy way to get to 5+ servings of fruits and veggies per day and better health that you can drink.

If you're like me, you love ice cream, but you like to eat healthier most days. Cashews in your whole fruit smoothie are the way to make it creamy without a bunch of added sugars. It's the secret ingredient- try some from your local grocery store first!

If I had to get a new blender that's reported to be better than the one I have, I'd get this one. A reviews site said it's better than the top of the line Vitamix, and it's more affordable. Should be perfect to blend frozen fruits and cashews like a dream. See if you can get it on eBay first, if not, use my affiliate link =)

If you calculated your macros and found that you need more protein, but you can't have your blender at work, this is the one that I use to mix with almond milk on the fly.

If you're committed to your strength training and want to get the best results for the time you spend working out, creatine is a safe and effective supplement that will help. Read more about creatine on 

There are dozens of pre-workouts. Plenty of the ones with "proprietary blends" have less-effective ingredients. Some have caffeine- which you may not want. And be careful if you take a supplement with beta alanine- it makes you feel like your arms fell asleep.

If you're committed to your strength training and want to get the best results for the time you spend working out, citrulline is my top recommendation. Read more about citrulline on 


There are thousands of books on health tips. If I had to pick just one that covers movement, eating, and corrective exercise in an easy way, and gives you specific actions to take, I'd recommend this one. It's a beginners' book with great reminders for all, written by experts respected in the field.

Sometimes, I think about writing a book about mindset, goalsetting, and behavior change to let your choices support your life. Listening to this, I feel like my book might be redundant, because Choosing Greatness is so similar to what I would write for you.

I wish this was the first book I read about starting or growing a business.

If you're in business and you want more leads, this is the book for you. One of the most valuable collections of useful strategies at 1/100th of the price I've paid to learn them.

A fantastic, entertaining book for people who are tired of the same played out motivational quotes. Get wisdom from one of the most driven, dedicated life coaches of our time.

Another great book for business, this is an inspiration to the Guilt-free Gameplan. Get set on your business goals and how to tract them so you get traction in your business.

Another inspiration to the Guilt-free Gameplan, this book shifts you into the visionary mindset to be the shotcaller in your health, business, and life goals. Learn to think big- like, real big.

One of my favorite books, and a big part of who I am today. Get the hardcover, read it, read it to your kids, read it to your friends' kids.


3 things you need for good-looking abs- a balanced diet, a balanced training program, and this Ab Carver. Challenging, but spring loaded to help you get back up. I've had this for years, and I can see when I don't use it! Also supports stronger squats and deadlifts


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